Best Small Business Ideas For Women – Become a Glamor Consultant

Are you up on the latest fashion trends? Does applying make-up come naturally to you? Do your friends always compliment you on how well you put an outfit together? If so, you might consider taking advantage of one of the best small business ideas for women – becoming a glamor consultant.

There are many different services you can offer. One option is wardrobe consulting. Can you imagine getting paid to go shopping with a diamond in the outfit ideas for women rough? All you have to do is take that blooming flower out to some local stores and help her to turn her personal style into something that will look fabulous.

You can also offer individual or group make-up classes. These can be beginning classes for high school girls or refresher courses for women who’ve been wearing the same hues for 20 years and simply need to update their look. Offering themed make-up parties is a great option as well. You can even travel to your clients homes and provide the services directly in their homes. That means no preparation or clean up for you!

If you don’t think your area can support a business like this, you can also start your own virtual beauty consulting business. Ladies can send you pictures of themselves and their current wardrobe. You can then recommend new and hip outfits from several sites. Keep in mind that you’re not trying to create a country full of clones. Be sure to incorporate each client’s individual style into your suggestions.

You can see how becoming a beauty consultant can be a ton of fun, and is one of the best small business ideas for women.

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